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Re: Original or remastered effects?

I am in the process of building the Round 2 AMT K-7 Space Station and this really has come into play in reference to the build. Yes the kit does bring back a lot of childhood memories but the one that is missing is how it was originally intended to look.

When doing searches online so that I may determine as to how I am going to paint the model I am finding many pictures from the remastered episode to include the DS9 episode but original stills are few and far between. This gives me cause for concern as I would wonder if what was originally done in the 60's in reference to effects could soon be forgotten.

As far as the research on the model though I wonder why they chose to put a big K7 right over a bunch of windows anyway since the original model onscreen had no markings at all. At least none that could be seen on screen anyway.
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