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Re: Robert beltran on stage

Over the many years that I've been going to conventions and reading interview transcripts, the story about Beltran seems to be that he thought that right off the bat he would be a huge characte, that he would have a lot more lines and a much bigger part. When that didn't happen he was upset and started to badmouth the show. At which point the writers got upset and didn't write as much for him. This made him more upset and he badmouthed the show even more, and the writers wrote even less, and so on and so on. Beltran himself said that he stopped reading scripts. You can see that in most of his scenes he's looking at a console, or reading a padd or something like that, because his lines are written on that object. IMO he was very unprofessional. Yes I believe he was entitled to his opinion, if he didn't like the show he didn't like the show. But I think that while he was still working on the show and collecting money he should have been more diplomatic about it.
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