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Re: So did Worf's Change of Heart cost him command of the Enterprise?

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So the Feds didn't learn their lesson from the Organians? Just because a civilization looks like it's undeveloped, and you think they won't notice being moved during the night, it doesn't mean that they don't secretly have the power to bite your arrogant ass off and spit it back in your face. If they wanted to.
Guess what? The baku don't have the power to enforce any of their claims.
In your opinion. The Baku settled on an uninhabited planet and had been there, how long? The Federation, by its own policy, didn't have a legal leg to stand on.

And if you think the federation arrogant, you haven't been paying attention to klingons, romulans, etc - or the good old USA, China, etc.
And that makes it right ... right?

Why not make first contact and explain the situation? They might just volunteer to move, for the "needs of the many." You're screwing with them anyway, why would you care if they suddenly became aware of space travel?
What you just described is eminent domain. Its first stage, that is.
Sounds more like what they used to call "manifest destiny." You know, like in the early 1800s when the US Gov't. took Native American lands by treaty, and when that didn't work, taking the land by force. It was "legal," but it wasn't right.

Regardless of the benefits to other Federation citizens, moving a colony of people against their will is not the right thing to do.

Besides, there was no guarantee that the particles or whatever they were would work outside that environment anyway. If the experiment failed, you've wronged a bunch of people and destroyed a planet for nothing.
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