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Re: Finding goofs in your tv shows...

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Spotted one in an episode of "A Town Called Eureka"

Vincent has a line where he mentiones setting his fridge/freezer to zero degrees Kelvin, and taps in -273 on his fridge. Which is all very well and good but if you look carefully the fridge/freezer is set to show tempature in degrees F so it reads as -273F which is not zero degrees Kelvin. It would be correct if it was -273C.
Not really a goof, but it has stuck in my memory. In the same series is after Fargo gets his sports car. He is driving along a road when he has to make an emergency stop. He slams on the brakes, but doesn't push in the clutch at the same time. The car had manual transmission and 1st thing they teach on emergency stops in manuals is that you push in the clutch in order not to stall the engine.

As I said, not really a goof, since Fargo had probably driven automatics only prior to that.
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