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Predictable result in the end. Well done England, although we were so poor it's hard to imagine they'd derive any satisfaction whatever from the win if it was anyone other than Australia they were playing.

News today that Pattinson has a stress fracture and is out of the tour. That may explain his rather ordinary performances to date. I wonder if the batsmen who've consistently failed and greatly increased his workload will feel any remorse whatever. Somehow, I doubt it very much.

Back to the earlier discussion for a moment: The hit 'n' giggle rubbish isn't the entire reason for our decline. Nor is the so-called "anointing" of Clarke and the real or alleged bust-ups he's (supposedly) had with pretty much everyone (if the gossip is to be believed); I've never been in the Clarke-hating group and don't put much store in gossip so I won't say any more about that. Administrators at state and national level seemed to believe the production line of world-class players we routinely produced in the 90s and 00s would continue unabated, without any input from anyone. The stupidity of such a belief should have been obvious to anyone, but all concerned seemed to remain oblivious to reality. This article sums up my views on both those topics quite neatly.

Another issue is the fact that potential cricketers (tennis players / track and field athletes / you name it) seem to prefer the "soft" option of AFL. There are six first-class cricket teams in Australia; there are 18 AFL sides. It doesn't need rocket science to work out that there's a lot more places potentially available in AFL than cricket, and better money for those starting out. I've read about blokes who reckon they can always go back to cricket if their AFL careers don't work out, another viewpoint whose stupidity should be obvious. This is another issue that isn't going to go away any time soon.

I'd like to believe we're not going to end up the sort of basket case that West Indies cricket devolved into after their golden era, but the similarities are there. Whether there's anyone in this country with the imagination to address the issues is another matter entirely.
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