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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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I thought the foam klingon pyro models were cast from the magicam model, but this was the magicam model before it underwent one or two huge overhauls. Remember, Probert mentioned pointing out the neck was misaligned on the Magicam model during his first visist there (right before he became persona non grata there.) So Magicam eventually corrected that, and then Apogee did a ton of extra detailing and changing out of lights after Abel was ousted.
No. I think they were cast from the original model that the production had borrowed back from the Smithsonian. In the featurette which shows this pyro you can see they are much smaller than the hero model, and have the exactly physical details of the TV ship.

Here's the video...

The blackface stuff was reported in VARIETY and/or THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER; my best friend subscribed to both and I remember him showing me the story after telling me about it. I keep thinking that was discussed a bit here several years back ...
Oh I remember you mentioned that. I tried searching one of their websites' archives, but no luck.
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