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Re: Terrible News, Abrahms might be quitting Star Wars to return to Tr

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Christ. I am so sick of this anti-Abrams stuff. Will you guys just get over it? The man and his team successfully revived a DEAD franchise.

If he does or doesn't direct the next Star Wars and does return to Trek, or whatever happens, we should be thanking him for making Star Trek globally popular again. Making a movie is not easy. Making a big budget movie is not easy. Plenty of people do it and the movies flop. Abrams delivered two qualified successes. Can we just be grateful and stop with the "ZOMG this is TERRIBLE!" stuff?

So childish. They were either going to re-boot Trek as an action sci-fi franchise or NOT AT ALL.

This BS about bringing it back as 'thoughtful sci-fi' (whatever that is) in the 21st century is just idiotic.

Looking at the big-budget flops this summer indicates how hard it is to know exactly what audiences will pay $10-$15 bucks for, but even so--- but for sure IT ISN'T A TREK that puts action in the back seat and tries to explore sci-fi concepts and charactor interaction (which they do a pretty decent job of anyway in the Abrams movies between action set-pieces.)

If you want that from Trek you have 28 seasons of TV TREK with scores of episodes like that AND we'll likely see Trek return to tv someday and we'll get back to a more even balence between action and exploration/character stuff/pure sci-fi. Until then enjoy the action trek movies or watch the tv shows and wait for a tv return.

Don't knock Abrams for making hit movies---the studios give him hundreds of millions of their dollars and he makes them money and solid movies and people mock that--like it's an easy thing to do.
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