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Re: Terrible News, Abrahms might be quitting Star Wars to return to Tr

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The poster I was quoting. He said that people who dislike the current popcorn action movie direction should just be grateful it's making money. Which strikes me as a weird attitude. I'd rather the last movie tanked at the box office, yet was thought provoking and interesting.
Grateful it revived a dead franchise. Made it relevant again.
Just this one time I'm NOT gonna read the whole thread first.

Made it RELEVANT again?

The relevancy of the stories doesn't sink or stand on somebody getting some new juice out of exploiting the name.

What's relevant is that a good chunk of TOS told stories that will ALWAYS be relevant, REGARDLESS of whether it is trendy or popular to be into Trek at any given time.
Made the Franchise relevant. As in an on going concern that people are interested in.
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