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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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And nobody ever said 'everybody has a blu-ray player'--that's non-sense.
And none of your friends have a PS# which IS a blu-ray player either? That's weird since many people that age play video games.
Nope, most of my friends aren't into video games.

I am not anti-Bluray. And I like when things come as DVD/BR combo sets so I will have that BR as a backup if I ever do get one.

Most people I know are more into streaming or getting digital content for their tablets than buying any physical media (DVD or BR) these days.

Now I am still a collector of physical media at heart but the thing about Blu-ray you know there is going to be a new format 10 years from now too. Whatever you buy is going to eventually be obsolete. My DVD player works just fine and I am happy with watching DVDs. When I do need to buy something new I will definitely buy a Blu-ray player, but it just isn't a priority for me personally.

I also understand you weren't saying everyone has a Blu-ray player but my main point is a whole lot of people don't have one. At least I think less people have switched to Blu-ray then in the days when people switched from VCR to DVD. Blu-Ray is definitely better than DVD in terms of quality. But I don't think it is as major of a shift as VCR to DVD was.
Well, if they're not into video games--then they wouldn't have PS3 either--what is with your friends--do they have a life? I guess so since they're not always home playing video games!
I just have bought plain Blu-ray players since I don't play video games either.

But at any rate DVD players have bottomed out at--what?---$25 for some players and if 'regular' (non-3D) Blu-ray players soon bottom out at about $50--unless you're really strapped why not get one instead.

Shoot you don't even need to purchase Blu-rays to enjoy them--Redbox rents Blu-rays for 30 cents more than DVDs and there are multiple ways to get free first day rentals from Redbox.
I average 1 to 2 redbox rentals per week for the last two years and i have never paid full price a single time.
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