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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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Yikes that shuttle takeoff looks clumsy. Could it be Dr. Sevrin's flower children in their stolen shuttlecraft at the end of "The Way to Eden"? Or maybe Matt Decker took a few nips from the bottle before tackling the planet killer.

I thought I asked in an earlier post but maybe I'm delusional-- In the remastered "Errand of Mercy", when Sulu reports that "a large number of Klingon ships has just arrived", do we get to see them? All the original effects had was what looked like a reverse animation of a photon torpedo hitting Enterprise.
Yes, they do show a number of Klingon ships in that shot in the remastered.

That shot of the shuttle taking off WAS from Galileo and I see what you mean--although i doubt that the clumsiness was something that happened because they couldn't do anybetter--I just think they wanted to show it as not a perfect tractor-type controlled take-off but perhaps just a loose manuel take-off. Overall the space shots in "Galileo..." look fantastic.

There were literally thousands and thousands of changes done in the remastered versions--nearly a hundred in 'Corbomite.." alone and you think you can prove something by pointing out examples you feel are not great?

It was a herculean project with modest budget and incredible time restraints and they did a fantastic job.

After watching the episodes dozens of times between 1970 and 2007, I can tell you it was great fun to watch them again and see all the changes they made--many great, most good and several not so good.
It also required really studying them, because at any second there could be a change, most subtle in the non-exterior shots.
So to see them all--you had to study the shows very carefully and that was something i suspect a lot of folks don't do after seeing them for 10,15 or 20 times.

So even if you end up still liking the old FX better--you still get to see an alternate version of virtually every space shot and dozens and dozens of other shots, mattes, image stabilization for time-lapse, redone hand phaser shots, force fields, etc, etc, etc.
Even noticed several times where they added reflections on table tops when the little 'tri-monitors' are activated.

A lot of fun and a good mental exercise as well, while re-watching one of your favorite shows ever.

And for scarcely a handful of bucks over the current price for the DVD sets that have only one version or another.
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