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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series


10x1-Flesh&Blood: Picking right up from the battle of Earth/Jaffa and Lucian Alliance vs Ori Ships in which the former is highly decimated a pregnant Vala looks on and goes into labor. As she gives birth to the Ori miracle child she is swept away, Vala is denied even holding her. Meanwhile, Sam is still floating in space near the Supergate. The Odyssey is severely damaged, Daniel is MIA and Teal'C is taken prisoner aboard the Lucian ship.
Vala is finally allowed to see her daughter a few hours later and discovers she is.....10 yrs old!! We also discover Daniel has managed to get aboard. The Lucian ship is now demanding the Odyssey surrender and they only have 20% power. An essential game of bluff is held. On the Ori ship Daniel is plotting an escape but Vala's "husband" is onto them and rats them out to the one eyed Prior on board. Vala doesn't want to leave without her daughter but she is firmly Ori in nature. As they try to get her to go with them the Prior shows up and in the melee Vala is shot, this awakens some connection in the child and she tries to heal Vala. During the confusion Daniel hits her with Zaa't and they make their escape.

10x2-Morpheus: A mixing of interesting elements of antiquity as Daniel discovers a Gate address among Merlin's library that describes where the Holy Grail may be. When they arrive they find the settlement long since uninhabited but it's inhabitance are still there. They seem to have died in their sleep. Back on Earth at the SGC Vala is having to undergo a series of psych tests in order to prove herself worthy of being on an SG team. Back on the planet of sleep Sam discovers a parasitic microscopic organism feeds on seratonin, so staying awake is key, otherwise once you fall stay asleep. Vala is trying to rig her tests, being genuine is tough for her but in her frustration with the tests reveals she is a changed person. I actually enjoyed the B story with Vala more than the A story on sleepy time planet.

10x3-The Pegasus Project: My first exposure to the Atlantis team in a full fledged crossover. Daniel is excited cause after several attempts to get here, he's made it. SG-1 is coming in an attempt to check Atlantis' records, cross reference etc for an attempt to find an anti-Ori possible, maybe super weapon. So the thorn in Sam's side for a few seasons in McKay is a team member of Atlantis? Didn't see that coming. Is he kinda sorta like ST:TNG's O'Brien, getting a transfer but the dual purpose is he is qualified and the audience knows him as well? Daniel and Vala will be searching the holo-library and Sam is going to work with Teal'C and the Atlantis team to find a way to open the Ori SuperGate and keep it open in a manner that they can't send ships through. The Atlantis team leader Dr.Weir takes Daniel to the holo-library so he can start his research. A female interactive hologram is activated and answers the users questions in real time. Sam and McKay figure a shaped nuclear blast with multiple warheads may force the SuperGate open. Teal'C is the one positioning the warheads and their first attempt fails. Meanwhile Daniel is getting suspicious of the "hologram", something that Weir, McKay or anyone on Atlantis never had. Daniel deduces she is actually an Ancient----turns out he's right, she's Morgan LeFey!!!
As Sam is prepping another nuclear "jumper cable" blast on the SuperGate Teal'C informs them an Ori ship is coming into range. As Morgan is giving cryptic answers she appears ready to directly help and is "beamed away/"killed" by her fellow Ancients. Is she dead? Didn't that trick just turn Daniel human again? If so where might se be? Anyway the second nuke trick works and in opening the SuperGate they manage to destroy the Ori ship that had come to check up on the Gate.

Of what I saw the Atlantis team looks interesting. Once I've taken a break from SG-1 for the rest of the year and viewing some other material I'll have to look into an Atlantis viewing. Is Atlantis the DS9 of Stargate? Meaning deep interconnected cast of characters on the city island? Isolated from home in a manner.

10x4-Insiders: The episode starts with Ba'al invading US airspace from orbit. Turns out he may actually be a clone but he's trying to pass himself off as "The Ba'al". Ba'al says that if they assist him in gathering up is "rogue" clones for termination he will help the SGC and Daniel in discovering Merlin's secret weapon. Cause Daniel has been trying and is stumped. They manage to gather up all the clones and with this many together other agencies are expressing interest in questioning and/or studying the Ba'al's. Agent Barrett wants him for the N.I.D. but Landry refuses. So he takes matters into his own hands. He's going to question Ba'al anyway and manages to force a weak willed guard to let him into one of the clones holding cells. Once there he quickly loses control of the situation and is overpowered. Ba'al then begins releasing the others. Ba'al demands a list of Gate addresses, if he doesn't get them he'll kill Barrett. Sam caves and gives it up and with the Clones gathered together are able to beam out of the SGC. Seems they all had a weak locator imbedded in them and only once they are together can they penetrated the SGC shield.
Barrett is taken into custody cause after what happened with The Trust it's unclear if he was brainwashed or worked willingly with Ba'al.
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