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Re: Original or remastered effects?

Although I like the enhancements for the most part, I can understand those who totally reject them on the basis that they just don't seem right. I wonder though if these enhancements seem out of place for any objective technical reason, or is it just because we have been watching and re-watching the original versions for so many years that these enhancements seem so jarring as one poster put it?

In other words, for someone who is watching TOS for the very first time, would they feel that something were out of place if their first experience with each episode was with the enhancements.

I personally have friends who have always teased me for my Trekkie-ness. These same people had never really watched an entire episode before, yet when they would sit down with me and I would put on an ep like Amok Time (enhanced version), they didn't seem to feel like anything was out of place. Of course, this being their first ever viewing, they wouldn't have known what to look for.
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