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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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I don't know. TOS was full of stunning yeoman in short skirts reporting to the bridge and none of them ever made a point of mentioning their oaths of celibacy to the captain. If you don't know that she's supposed to be some kind of super-sexual alien (and I don't recall this ever being discussed in the film), wouldn't you find it odd that this particular Star Trek sex symbol had to take some sort of oath, as opposed to all the glamorous guest-stars on the original series?
You know, I've never thought about this particular scene too much until this thread. I suppose when I've watched this film in the past, I thought she must give off some excess pheromones or something, making her irresistible. That's why all of the crew break their necks to get a glimpse of her when she walks on the bridge. I mean, she was beautiful, but as Greg said, beautiful women were a dime a dozen on the Enterprise. But, also as Greg said, there was never any payoff for that line (which is what I've never thought about before now). You'd expect to see officers drooling as she walked through the corridors. Although, it might explain why V'ger found her to be an irresistible choice. Perhaps V'ger could "detect" her extraordinary attractiveness somehow? LOL
The 'Oath of celibacy' line was the payoff line. Remember, when Uhura first announces that Ilia is on her way to the bridge, she turns to Kirk and says profoundly, "She's... Deltan, Captain." and everyone, or at least the men, sit up a little straighter as Kirk responds, "Understood."
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