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Re: 50th Anniversary Trailer Description

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What the fuck is the BBC's problem? Seriously, why not release a damn trailer? The UK fans deserve it because they pay for the show. Fans all over the world deserve it because without us there wouldn't BE a damn show.

It's a trailer. It serves to get the fans of your show excited. What is the damn problem with releasing it? I am so sick and tired of this secrecy stuff that surrounds Doctor Who. It makes no sense.
While I agree it is pretty damn stupid not to release the trailer, this is not secrecy. Secrecy would be to not even have a trailer or any presence at Comic-Con at all. You know, like JJ Abrams and his Star Trek movies. As it currently stands, we know a lot more about the 50th Anniversary four months in advance than we did about STID in January. Hell, just knowing for a fact that John Hurt is playing a darker incarnation of the Doctor is more than Abrams revealed about Benedict Cumberbatch the entire 16 month period following his casting and the movie's release.
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