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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Has anyone else noticed that the floor plan diagram make it look like sickbay and the transporter room are at the same height with the bridge? They are both below the bridge in the saucer section just like in the original show and TNG. There has to be stairs that just aren't show in the diagram. It's also weird how when the neck and secondary hull got hit when Enterprise arrived at Vulcan that the sickbay exploded. I'm working on superimposing the diagram. This will take a while.
As I said, that's the set, it's not meant to represent the actual placement of the rooms on the ship. All the prior Treks did similar - the old movie Enterprise had the sickbay right around the corner from engineering, for example yet they obviously weren't meant to be next door to each other.

Oh, and the bridge window in your 366m diagram is far bigger thsn in the picture from the film I posted. So, it can't be 366m
Oh I know where the atrium window is!!!!!! It's under those windows behind the bridge. Although the floor plans are a bit vague since that would mean the rear corridor has a decline so that they can lead to the lower decks. I always wondered what was inside those windows that's in the same place as Refit 1701's conference room.
It's a 50-foot dome looking directly out into space. And there's an identical one 16+decks below. What you're describing makes no sense whatsoever. Fail!
I would have accepted the 725 meter length if they had accurately scaled the ship to reflect that
They did. The bridge window, the lobby, the number of saucer decks, the engineering section, the warp core, the shuttlebay, the 12m shuttles and the airlocks all point to a ship of 725 metres in length.

You must have no sense of scale if you think those will all fit inside the TOS Enterprise or similar. That ship's engineering hull is less than 20 meters across at it'a widest point! Do you know how wide that is?
and included blueprints but unfortunately it isn't accurately scaled and there are no blueprints so their empty claims are just that.
Why do you need blueprints? The people who made the CG model say its 725 meters. Why would they lie about it? What would they have to gain by making it one size but pretending its another? Especially when nothing would fit in the bizarro conspiracy theorist's 366m size?
As for the 289m length as gospel, I haven't been given reason to doubt 289 meters, if someone wants to come up with a hyper accurate length for the TOS Enterprise go for it but the chances of that are slim to none.
You must be new to this. The original Enterprise was doubled in size between the first and second pilot episodes. A second row of windows was added to the saucer rim and the bridge dome on top was made shorter to imply shorter deck heights.
All things considered, I think it was funny that Daniel tried to pass off the set floor plan as an actual schematic for the ship. That was funny considering both the transporter room and sickbay are on lower decks.
Bullshit. Try actually reading my posts, I never said that was anything other than a set plan.
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