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Re: Doug Drexler on Star Trek...

Enterprise was a non-starter because of First Contact. As good a movie as it was, FC painted Trek into a corner. It simply can't be the origin story of the Star Trek we know and love.

As FC depicts it, humanity was just limping into space travel when it was contacted by Vulcans on home turf. It casts a pall over the whole idea of "going boldly where no man has gone before" because no matter where they went in Enterprise, the Vulcans had already been there. It became a case of "timidly going where everyone else has already been..."

I would have locked the Enterprise writers in a room for 24 hours with "The Cage" and Forbidden Planet running in a loop. Then we might have gotten the origin series that Trek deserves.

That said, the final season of Enterprise started to show some promise. Too little, too late.

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