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So ... Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the season (65 games) ... and he will not appeal the decision. Gives just a wee bit of legitimacy to the Biogenesis (We're talking about universal Armageddon!) investigation.
Really not surprised by this. For better or worse, the MLBPA is just as tired of the PED stuff as MLB is, and Braun has been a dead man walking in MLB's eyes for 20-some months.

I'd also bet money that this is why A-Rod suddenly came down with a "quad strain."
A pretty safe bet. Also telling, regarding the Player Association: "I am deeply gratified to see Ryan taking this bold step," said MLB Players Association executive director Michael Weiner. "It vindicates the rights of all players under the Joint Drug Program."

If the PA is onboard with a lengthy suspension, you know it's had enough.
Braun is kind of a special case, though, and I think the PA is trying to cut its losses -- Braun really does come across like the world's biggest asshole because of how he's handled this for the last 20 months or whatever, and comparisons to other "nuh UHHHH I NEVER DID IT" jackasses like Palmeiro and Armstrong aren't all that off-base. The reason people care about this one while not giving a hoot about about Marlon Byrd or Bartolo Colon is because Byrd and Colon haven't been out there running a full-bore media campaign about how they're as clean as can be. Let's not forget what Braun said in his press conference after the appeal was upheld:

“Today is for anyone who has been wrongly accused and everyone who stood up for what’s right. It’s about future players and the game of baseball.”
Although Rick Sutcliffe has crawled completely up his own ass about this today, he's stopping just short of calling people like Braun worse than Hitler.
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