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I do have a problem with it, hence why I do not believe their 725m claim but there is nothing I can do about it so I'm not going to worry or give a shit. Freedom of choice is beautiful, you can choose to believe 725, I can choose not to. Nuff said. This thread should be called size debate/old comment re-highlighting.
You can believe it's twenty meters or six miles long if you want.

But complaining about inconsistencies in one but not being bothered by it in another is simply hypocritical. For as long as I've been a fan, people have been debating the size of the original Enterprise because they believed the sets as depicted couldn't fit inside a 947' ship, hence some believe the ship is 1080'.

We'll never know until IF they try to build it. 20 meters or 6 miles? Come on that's just being sarcastic. All things considered, I think it was funny that Daniel tried to pass off the set floor plan as an actual schematic for the ship. That was funny considering both the transporter room and sickbay are on lower decks. The difference between 947 and 1080 isn't much, 133 feet I don't think humans will ever build a real Enterprise, we're way too fucked up as a civilization to really come together and reach the stars at least in the utopian Gene Roddenberry since. We'll probably have personal starships with secret weapons on them. Anyway it looks like this episode of starship size debate is over. Until next time, same bat time same bat channel.
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