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Re: Original or remastered effects?

I just can't justify the expense of DVDs or blurays anymore, not when I can stream TV shows and movies in HD and every episode of every Trek series on Netflix for a negligible monthly fee. Eventually Netflix or Hulu Plus will get around to remastered TNG. I can wait.

I bought the TOS blurays years ago, but I've decided to skip the new TNG sets. Compared to the price of TOS and TNG on VHS -- something like $12 an episode -- the season sets are a steal. But they still cost money I don't need to spend. With online streaming and renting through Netflix, I've reassessed my need to ever own any movies. I've had a bluray player for like three years, but I only have about five or six bluray titles, counting the TOS season sets as one title each. I really just use my bluray to stream Netflix in HD.
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