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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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I am pretty sure that full sets of 'remastered' TOS on DVD are not sold. So if you wanted the remastered you'd be deprived of many episodes (Which I personally couldn't do without.)
Sorry what? TOS-R has been on DVD since 2008. And in fact the 3 seasons on DVD are about to get re-released in new packaging as a Best Buy exclusive.

Do you mean a DVD set where you can choose between original and remastered VFX? As has been established, that doesn't exist. It's only a feature of the Blu-ray release.

Grant wrote: View Post
So I guess I'm saying if you can somehow get ahold of a Blu-ray player--that would be your best option going forward.
Ditto. As you pointed out the season sets cost pretty much the same whether DVD or Blu-ray. The Blu-ray is the better version thanks to including both the original and remastered VFX option.

Since the cost of the season sets is basically the same, we're talking about a one time investment in a decent brand-name Blu-ray player, as the only real difference.
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