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Re: The curse of even Trek Films and the reboot - thought

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you really think, that from a critical point of view, Generations ranks lower than TFF and TMP?
I rank TMP and TFF just under TWOK, with a wide margin separating them from all the rest (the lesser forms, as Robert Vaughan might say.)

Granted, not many folks like TFF, but I'm surprised you'd think ANYbody liked GEN more than TMP, which while a mess, is at least a fascinating & ambitious mess, with often gorgeous visual effects that put the E in a light never equalled. GEN just has very nice cinematography.

It's just a guess but I bet GEN has less rewatchability than nearly any other Trek film (well INS and NEM might rank lower), just because it is SO all over the place. I mean, I rewatch it fairly often, but never all the way through, usually just the 23rd century stuff, or the ship battle and ship crash.
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