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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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Are we still at the point in 2013 where some folks are saying "I can't afford Blu-ray."

They haven't sold a standard definition TV in 8 years and Blu-ray players are well under $80

and somebody wants to know if they should buy the standard or 'remastered' DVDs?
Yes, that's what I asked in the original post. Eighty dollars is a lot of money for me. My television can only pick up analog signals. And Blu-Ray films I've seen in stores average near $40. Not everyone has as much money to play with as you do. Thanks for the public ridicule.

Please don't be so sensitive. I wasn't 'publically ridiculing you. $80 is a lot of money to me too in some cases.

A few facts.

You say your TV only 'picks up analog signals'--but they don't send analog signals anymore---so you must have a converter box of some kind to be watching tv at all. Either you or someone in your household bought one OR a box provided by a cable/satellite co. (which I can't afford!)

I also presume you don't have a PS3--since they play Blu-rays as well.

Blu-ray players have settings so they can send standard def signals to older TVs that aren't Hi-Def
So you can play and Blu-ray on any older TV.

Yes Blu-ray can be expensive, but so can older box sets of DVDs as well.

I am pretty sure that full sets of 'remastered' TOS on DVD are not sold. So if you wanted the remastered you'd be deprived of many episodes (Which I personally couldn't do without.)

So if you want to own, in physical media, all the episodes YOU HAVE to buy the old sets without the remastering.

If you want to have all the episodes remastered you have to buy the Blu-rays (They had a fantastic sale at Amazon not long ago and likely will again)

If you are really, really hurting for money the Blu-rays season one set is currently at Amazon cheaper by 41 cents than the DVD.

Blu-ray season one $49.44 vs. DVD season one $49.95---were you thinking of buying season sets?

Maybe you know of a place where you can get the DVD set for less than that?

So I guess I'm saying if you can somehow get ahold of a Blu-ray player--that would be your best option going forward.
I have given away two in the last 5 years and a used one has to be well under $50 bucks and 'black friday' sales are always selling them for under $50!

If you simply cannot foresee being able to get one---it's going to be a choice, I guess, between some partial set of remastereds vs. full or partial sets of NON-remastereds.

I look at it this way---someone can sink more money into a format that is inferior and fading out or invest in a newer format that admitedly a little more money

They haven't sold standard def tv in years and unless you activly seeek out a used SDTV when your currents set(s) die--you will end up getting a HDTV anyway--if you already have a Blu-ray player and some Blu-rays when that happens--you will be good to go for a full upgrade at that point.

But if you are dead set on sticking with DVD and SDTV till you financial situation changes then it's down to the simple choise between the partial/complete nNON-remastered DVDs or the partial remastered sets.

But what person who loves TOS enough to post here will be happy with partial sets?

I checked Amazon and they have brand new Blu-ray for sale at $67.99--no tax free shipping. Still a person might find that $68 they don't have to spend--although buying DVDs requires money as well.

And nobody ever said 'everybody has a blu-ray player'--that's non-sense.
And none of your friends have a PS# which IS a blu-ray player either? That's weird since many people that age play video games.

Many folks are getting into streaming and aren't collector's of movies at all. Please don't say 'most people don't have hi-def" cause that's non-sense as well.

Most folks DO have Hi-def, but don't collect movies in physical form anymore--- if they ever did.

Here we have a case where someone DOESN'T have hi-def TV but does collect movies or tv shows.

As I said, he will someday have to get an HDTV and I'm betting he'll still be a collector after that happens.

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