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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finished Six/Evelyn, Sandman, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through Jubilee, and loving it so far. I've been very lucky with the Audios I've listened to. Only the Arabella Weir Unbound and the Freebie Mission of the Viyrans have been audios I've disliked. All the rest of the Unbounds, The Six/Evelyn stories so, Gallifrey and the various ones people have suggested to me have all been very satisfying.

SJA Audios is something I need to look into some day as well, I really enjoyed the Show once it got beyond the more Juvenile S1.

Speaking of Dalek Empire, anyone seen these Second Empire? It's an interesting twist on the Daleks, I'm watching the first part of Episode 2 right now.

Second Empire
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