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I would have accepted the 725 meter length if they had accurately scaled the ship to reflect that and included blueprints but unfortunately it isn't accurately scaled and there are no blueprints so their empty claims are just that. As for the 289m length as gospel, I haven't been given reason to doubt 289 meters, if someone wants to come up with a hyper accurate length for the TOS Enterprise go for it but the chances of that are slim to none.
Your argument kinda falls apart if you have no problem with one being inaccurately scaled.
I do have a problem with it, hence why I do not believe their 725m claim but there is nothing I can do about it so I'm not going to worry or give a shit. Freedom of choice is beautiful, you can choose to believe 725, I can choose not to. Nuff said. This thread should be called size debate/old comment re-highlighting.
Real Star Trek fans question everything, fake Trek fans blindly accept everything.
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