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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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Overall, I'd say 70, maybe 75% of the new FX are rendered well and stand up to repeated viewing. However, when it goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong. Example, some shots of the Galileo are just awful - looking like they've come straight out of some cheap mid 90's computer game!
It seems as if the FX team's favorite FX are always my least favorite FX. I, too, thought the FX for "Galileo 7" were aweful -- so bad, they're distracting.

My advice to the OPer would be simply to wait until you have a bluray player and you can play the remastered episodes with either the original FX or the newer FX. That way, you get everything in HD and you can compare FX. I don't think there's really any benefit to getting the remastered episodes unless you can actually see them in HD. Yes, the live action is a little clearer, the colors pop more, but the slight benefit isn't worth the money, IMO, especially if you already have the series in standard definition. The best thing about the remastered episodes is the crystal clear HD, but you aren't going to even come close to that on DVD.

EDIT: Sorry to be pedantic, but this is one of my pet peeves -- the new FX are not "remastered" FX. "Remastered" refers only to the original material; the new FX are the only parts of the series that haven't been remastered. When I watch TOS on bluray with the original FX, I'm still watching the remastered episodes. Yes, it bothers me that much, and, yes, I do need a life.
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They haven't sold a standard definition TV in 8 years and Blu-ray players are well under $80
Eighty bucks is still eighty bucks. Some people do actually have to prioritize, and food usualkly needs to come first before leisure.

and somebody wants to know if they should buy the standard or 'remastered' DVDs?

I was unaware they sell the remastered sets on DVD.
See my note on "remastered" above. TOS has actually been remastered a number of times.
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