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Re: Original or remastered effects?

Jarring? Jarring is going from immaculate live action scenes with nary a blemish or spot to original FX footage swathed in defects and overloaded with grain from being reused over and over again.

It's the reason they did the new FX in the first place--they cleaned up the live action stuff and is just didn't fit with the filthy ,repetitive flybys covered in a grainstorm and riddled with defects that they couldn't clean up.

Then CBS was smart enough to include the original stuff anyway so everybody could watch the version they prefer.

Are we still at the point in 2013 where some folks are saying "I can't afford Blu-ray."

They haven't sold a standard definition TV in 8 years and Blu-ray players are well under $80

and somebody wants to know if they should buy the standard or 'remastered' DVDs?

I was unaware they sell the remastered sets on DVD.

Entire seasons? And if not why would someone just buy selected episodes of remastered in SD as opposed to entire seasons on DVD?

I love the remastered, but if I had to choose between selected episodes in remaster or entire seasons in non remastered--I'd have to take whole seasons.

I'm totally confused.
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