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Re: 2013 Star Trek HOT WHEELS - Excelsior, Kelvin, Vengeance, BoP

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You didn't get the Narada, NX-01, Klingon D4 or the Klingon BOP?
Hmm. I got the earlier ships from the secondary market (In 2011) so the prices were higher than I was willing to pay so I missed out on the NX-01, Reliant, and Narada.

Though I do have both BoPs;

BoP(STiD) - 4.5"
BoP(TSFS) - 4.25"

Oh ok, I bought them all as they were released. I never overpaid for my ships. Back when they originally came out the MSRP was around $15 which isn't bad, the new ships could be had for that price range as well, you just had to find a retailer who wasn't overly greedy.
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