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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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I finally saw this movie over the weekend and gave it a B-. I'm having a hard time understanding how and why so many picky Star Trek fans who disliked, Trek XI for its numerous plot holes and Khan's, 'magic blood,' as well as disliked World War Z because of plot holes and zombies who can smell sick people - and folks who disliked Superman for various reasons absolutely love this film?
Movies are odd like that and depending on the movie and the universe there's different levels of suspension of disbelief.

World War Z was for the large part taking place in "reality" and "our universe" so when odd things happen that don't hold up to scrutiny it can cause plot questions.

Star Trek again, by and large, takes place in "our universe." The distant future, sure, but it's not supposed to be in a comic book universe or anything like that so, again, it has some sense of grounded reality it has to adhere to. Also the "magic blood" thing was clearly a deus ex machnia put in to allow the movie to have its cake (kill Kirk) and eat it too (have him survive.)

Superman, lower standard for reality, higher allowance for "suspension of disbelief" but when a movie's not good enough people will not forgive easily.

Which brings us to this movie. It's a movie going into it you pretty much already know you have to turn off the brain. It's not a movie supposing to take place in "our reality" so, like Superman, going into it buys a LOT of forgiveness in the suspension of disbelief department. For many people -myself included- it succeed in being fun, entertaining and a spectacle which means everything it pulls it buys a hand wave.

World War Z I enjoyed so its problems weren't something that ruined the movie for me though in hindsight it did have plot problems. But those plot problems didn't ruin the movie for me.

Superman I have my problems with, though I liked it, but the problems I DO have with it are what harmed the movie for me. (This does not include Superman breaking Zod's neck, something I liked.)

Star Trek... Ehhhhhhh........ I've accepted it's "not for me" but still the "magic blood" thing was deus ex machina at its worst. There's no reason why it's there other than to reference the "death of Spock" scene without having to bare the weight of it. It also, much like the transwarp beaming in the previous movie, does a LOT of "damage" to the already thin barriers of reality Star Trek has tried to stay in.
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