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Thats a set diagram! From the makers of the movie. Didn't you click the link I gave you? There are no doors at the front of the bridge.

I got confused, sue me. I'll download the picture and superimpose it to see if it fits the way I think it does.

Oh I know where the atrium window is!!!!!! It's under those windows behind the bridge. Although the floor plans are a bit vague since that would mean the rear corridor has a decline so that they can lead to the lower decks. I always wondered what was inside those windows that's in the same place as Refit 1701's conference room.

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It seems the USS Vengeance may actually be larger than we thought. It's 2.5x the Enterprise's size in this graphic:
[ IMG][/ IMG]

And here's the ever-changing bridge window. It seems the taller, narrower veraion seen when the Enterprise is on the Klingon border and again at the very end correctly matches the window on the set (which has a definite height of 8', I guesstimated a width of 25'):
[ IMG][/ IMG]
Forgive the shitty quality of the pics, they're from YouTube clips. Enterprise pic from
You took the youtube image from prometheus' video, lol I've watched those dozens of times, it's kind of funny how the nacelles look normal size from the front in that shot. That first person vs ship image was a joke, I remember seeing that for the first time and was like "hey the window isn't THAT small".

Has anyone else noticed that the floor plan diagram make it look like sickbay and the transporter room are at the same height with the bridge? They are both below the bridge in the saucer section just like in the original show and TNG. There has to be stairs that just aren't show in the diagram. It's also weird how when the neck and secondary hull got hit when Enterprise arrived at Vulcan that the sickbay exploded. I'm working on superimposing the diagram. This will take a while.

Check this image out from the blu-ray, 948' times two equals 1896'

This was a pain in the ass, lol. As you can see the bridge size is about 99% spot on, I noticed where the bridge window was it's the blueish light slot in the front of the dome.
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