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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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In this day and age, I don't think moviegoers want or expect Batman to be a "light-hearted crime-fighter" with a Boy Wonder sidekick.
Actually, I've had the passing thought now and then that in the wake of the Nolan trilogy, it might be cool to see a version of Batman that recaptured the zany fun of the Adam West series and film. After all, it worked for Batman: The Brave and the Bold on TV. But then I remember that Batman and Robin was basically an attempt to do a modern big-screen version of Adam West-style camp, and that was painfully garish, self-conscious, and tonally inconsistent. It's something that would be very difficult to do right, especially given how much more crass and sophomoric the modern style of feature-film comedy has become, and how much modern tentpole features are dominated by excess. Good comedy, or good camp, calls for a certain restraint, knowing how far is far enough.

But I don't want something that's just Nolanverse Batman with the face and backstory changed. The fun of a reboot is getting to see a different version of the character and the world, to see a new and distinct variation on the theme. I've had my fill of Frank Miller-inspired screen Batman; let's see some Denny O'Neill or Steve Englehart-inspired Batman, say.
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