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Re: Characters Spirit - Reboot compared to TOS (Possible spoilers)

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At the beginning of STID, the writers definitely regressed Kirk's character because they wanted to give him the story arc of re-earning the captain's chair. The party line that I heard in several interviews was that Kirk got the captain's chair in the first film, but he truly earned it in the second film.

And to be fair, there was a lot of criticism after XI that Kirk had become captain too fast, so the writers were trying to address that. But IMO they laid it on too thick at the beginning of STID. Kirk starts the film by accidentally stunning his and McCoy's "ride" leading to the crazy jump off a cliff, and then we get Scotty chastising Kirk for putting the Enterprise at the bottom of the ocean. We also get a line from Sulu when the shuttle is failing, where he says something to the effect of, "I told the captain that the shuttle wouldn't be able to take this." Followed by Kirk's nonchalant, "So they saw us, big deal." Then of course the threesome with the Caitians, and it's also strongly implied that Kirk had a fling with Christine Chapel and dumped her.

So yeah, the writers went overboard with the immature playboy stuff in the early part of STID, but it was all in the name of giving Kirk a character arc where he could grow up (having Kirk's surrogate father die was part of that, too) and truly earn his position as captain of the Enterprise by the end of the film. I have faith that Kirk will be more mature in the next film, especially since I do expect a romance with Carol Marcus is in the cards.
I'm not sure he will have a romance with Marcus perhaps the twist will be that its McCoy and Marcus. But I think you have great points on Kirk heading towards maturity.

I don't have that much problem with Kirk having a 3-some or dating girls. I'm more concerned with the 'disrespect' he has for these girls. More problems with him leering at Marcus, saying 'hello Ladies', forgetting Chapel's name and I'm also condemning him for that deleted scene in ST09 where he mixes up Gaila and another Orion girl .
At the risk of sounding like a boring feminist you just don't see Kirk interacting with women much in a positive fashion.
It doesn't worry me that much though. I'm not invested in these 'one-night' stand girls but it makes me think less of Kirk's character. I wonder if there are fans of the movies that admire nuKirk's interaction with the ladies.
Well, my crystal ball is broken, and predictions are made to be wrong -- but I don't think there is any chance whatsoever we'll see a McCoy-Marcus romance in the next film. The sequel will have Kirk-Marcus, nuDavid will be spawned, and McCoy will be lucky to get anything more than a small supporting part. And I say this as someone who loves McCoy and Karl Urban.

As far as the Gaila subplot in XI, the whole reason that was deleted in the first place was because it made Kirk too unlikable. That's why it was cut. So as far as I'm concerned, it never happened.

Through XI and the early part of STID, the writers wanted to show us that Kirk was a playboy. Mission accomplished. The point was hammered home with a sledgehammer. I think they know it's time to move on already, and I am convinced we will see a more mature Kirk in the next film.
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