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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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P.S. I came here to have fun and do some debating not get harassed so kindly back off and refrain from responding to every one of my posts like a stalker. I still can't believe I've attracted a stalker that fast.
Crazy Eddie's not a stalker; he just likes to to argue. At length. About almost anything. With anyone. Likes it a lot.

If, however, you feel you have a genuine complaint about being stalked, or concerning any other rule violation or conduct issue, please make use of the 'Notify Moderator' button [ ] on the relevant post or message, rather than doing an in-thread call-out (which is considered poor form here, and may be actionable if taken to excess.)

Also, I'd recommend against citing that particular page at EAS as evidence of anything. Not if you expect your arguments to be taken seriously, at any rate, as Bernd's "Enterprise Size Controversy" amounts to little more than a lengthy etude in the key of "La la la, I don't WANT it to be that size!"
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