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USB Flash Drive HELP!

So I was transferring some files from my flash drive to my mothers computer, 25 gigs worth, and the damn thing wasn't transferring any of it, it shot out a gig and stopped (giving me ridiculously low transfer rates). Well two hours later I was an idiot and just removed the damn thing. Now it doesn't even show up on the drive list and when I go to Computer Management, it says there is no media. At all. I don' want to reformat it because it has all her stuff on it!

Somebody please help.

This is what CMD says about it:

Innostor NAND Flash USB Device
Disk ID: 00000000
Type : USB
Status : No Media
Path : 0
Target : 0
LUN ID : 0
Location Path : UNAVAILABLE
Current Read-only State : No
Read-only : No
Boot Disk : No
Pagefile Disk : No
Hibernation File Disk : No
Crashdump Disk : No
Clustered Disk : No

There are no volumes.

Please, if there is any way to get her pictures off, tell me.
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