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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anij. Picard fell for her and he should have been court-martialed.
B is for the Benecia Colony, mentioned twice during the course of the original series.
C is for Cardassian Cuisine.
D is for Delta Flyer.
E is for Error. One of the favorite expressions of the twisted, mutated deep space probe calling itself Nomad.
F is for fuel. Something apparently starships never run out of. Unless you're onboard a shuttlecraft and Spock's in charge. Then he'll just torch it all off.
G is for Gods. They fear Jim Kirk, or they bloody well should if they have two brain cells to rub together.
H is for Herbert. He was stiff, man.
I is for Intrepid Class. Variable warp geometry, Maximum velocity warp 9.975, bio-neural gelpack circuitry. EMH is a pain in the ass.
J is for Jupiter. The newly refitted and relaunched Enterprise 1701 flew past it on the way to intercept the V'Ger cloud.
K is for Klingon bastards!
L is for Leyton, Admiral Leyton. Counted on loyalty to overlook his going nuts.
M is for Miranda class starship. They never go out of style.
N is for Nebula-class starship. The Galaxy's littler brother.
O is for Oberth class starship. Extremely vulnerable to Klingon torpedoes.
P is for Peter Kirk, one of three nephews of James T. Kirk in the Prime timeline and a survivor of the deadly neural parasite attack on the Deneva colony in 2267.
Q is for Quinn. The Q that screwed up the status quo and turned Q into a "good guy". And later a dad.
R is for Reman bodyguards, who accompanied high-ranking Romulan officials as early as the mid-22nd century before the war with Earth.
S is for Spock's alcoholism.
T is for Tellarite delegates who signed the Federation Charter in 2161.
U is for United Earth Space Probe Agency.
V is for the warship Valdore of the Romulan fleet.
W is for whales. The whale probe was actually fishing for whales.
X is for Xindi-Aquatic spaceships, filled with water and much bigger than the largest human vessels of that era.
Y is for Yamato. NCC-1305-E
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