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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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I found "ugly bags of mostly water" hilarious.
I liked that bit, too.

The "oath of celibacy" line bugs me because it has no context as it appears in the film. Unless you're somehow familiar with the hitherto-unmentioned Deltan species, which is explained nowhere in the film or in any of the previous TV episodes, it's just a bizarre non sequitor that comes out nowhere and is never referred to again.

It's as though some odd bit of trivia from the STAR TREK: PHASE II series bible got awkwardly inserted into the script even though it made no sense at all unless you'd read about Deltans in a magazine article or cast interview or something.
I thought the reactions of the male bridge crew when she entered gave enough context for that line to make sense.
I don't know. TOS was full of stunning yeoman in short skirts reporting to the bridge and none of them ever made a point of mentioning their oaths of celibacy to the captain. If you don't know that she's supposed to be some kind of super-sexual alien (and I don't recall this ever being discussed in the film), wouldn't you find it odd that this particular Star Trek sex symbol had to take some sort of oath, as opposed to all the glamorous guest-stars on the original series?

Plus, of course, the oath business is never referred to again and has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. Unlike, say, Spock's pursuit of pure logic which does figure into the plot and themes of the film. If they wanted to include that line, there should have been some sort of payoff later on . . . .

As is, it just stands out like a sore thumb. IMHO.
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