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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

Saw it this past week-end. I guess I just didn't get what it was that everyone else got that made them love this movie. I'm no giant robot aficionado but I did love Gigantor as a kid, the Iron Giant, and the first Transformers movie, but "Rim" didn't move me.

The characters were dull, as were their back stories. I did find the Asian woman mildly interesting but they didn't tell enough about her to really engage me. The acting by the young Jaeger operators was average and that is being generous. Even Idris Elba, who I usually love, seemed to be phoning it in.

I did enjoy watching the Jaegers punching the monsters, though. That never seemed to get old. In fact, I wish there had been some WWF body slamming. That would certainly have kept me awake.
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