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Scotty comments the airlock on the Vengeance is four meters.
No, Scotty says the airlock is about four SQUARE METRES in area.
And he's probably wrong. Apart from being visibly larger than that anyway (as you can see when the security guy gets blown out of it) a 7 foot hatch is small enough that Khan and Kirk would have to be practically holding hands to fit through it. Although they are side by side, they are not QUITE close enough to touch each other; one or both of them should be dead.

FWIW, the novelization renders the line as "four meters" and not "four square meters." So Scotty's probably just exaggerating to make a point (he tends to do that, you know).

Probably wrong? We are talking about Montgomery Scott one of the most efficient engineers in Starfleet, he's not remotely wrong and neither is the evidence that proves the ship isn't 2500 ft/ 725 meters but I'm sure you will make up ANY excuse to say all of the evidence is wrong. The atrium shaft is missing the computer core. The hatches are the same size as the refit Enterprise's are as well. I'm going to link this because it's pertinent and it will piss crazy eddy off because he doesn't like it when someone has a differing opinion.

P.S. I came here to have fun and do some debating not get harassed so kindly back off and refrain from responding to every one of my posts like a stalker. I still can't believe I've attracted a stalker that fast.
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