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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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There's zero chance, to my mind, that the Batman in the upcoming MoS sequel will have any resemblance to the Nolan Batman. He will be completely rebooted and the previous continuity will be ignored. Just as well, I'd prefer the excellent Nolan trilogy to be untainted by the shitty MoS and its inevitably shitty sequel.
I think it is pretty well established that Nolan's Batman could not exist in a world with super powers in the same way the CW's Arrow could never exist in the same universe with Smallville.

The one caveat to that is the fact that the Nolanverse version of the Wayne Enterprises logo is shown in the film

I do think that there is some merrit to the idea that there probably should have been a stand alone batman movie before this. Not so much because Batman needs another origin movie...he certainly does not, but I do that that Batman is one of the few comic characters where it is important to establish the rules for the character up front.

Essentially we need to know...

1) Is the new Batman NEW or has he been around for awhile?

2) If he's been around for a while, what kinds of villans has he been dealing with (i.e. street thugs and mobsters...otherwise grounded lunatics...scientifically mutated freaks)?

3) Does Batman work alone or is there room for partners and sidekicks?

4) What's his tone, dark and grim loner, light hearted crimefighter, noirish detective?

Batman is such a broad character that a Batman film would have been useful to set up just what kind of character this was going to be.

To be fair though, there is no reason that a World's Finest film could not primarily focus on Batman. Introduce us to the world of Batman by showing us how he views the sudden and violent arrival of Superman onto the scene.

One of the things that I could certainly see...and that would be connected to The Dark Knight Returns is that Superman might have to cozy a relationship with the government. Such a relationship might be out of necessity given that in this new universe, the military know's Clark's identity and is probably helping to keep the secret. Thats powerful leverage especially as he develops attachements to his friends in Metropolis. You could have a situation where something is happening in Gotham and this guy dressed as a bat is digging into things that the government (or one of its well paid contractors...cough...Lexcorp) does not want uncovered. It might be up to Bruce to school the big boy scout about who it is he's really working for and why that might be a problem.
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