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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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Your nits have been nothing but opinions passed of as concrete factoids. Additionally, you ignore the overall boxoffice take of the film in a ham-handed attempt to call the movie a 'flop.'
I made it clear - these are my opinions. Hey man, if you like giant robots fighting godzilla like creatures with some quirky characters mixed in for good measure you're going to love this film.

If you don't - you will not. It was OK IMO but nothing to heap praises on as one of the best films of the summer.

Pacific Rim has made $68 million domestically on a budgt of $190 million

But lets leave it to the experts at Variety who do study the industry who have described the film as a flop since I'm assuming neither you or I study or work in the film industry since they do.
Um no - as of this posting Pacific Rim has made

Worldwide: $178,535,000 (link)

(And while that's not a hit - it shows the film will at least break even or show a profit down the road with Blu-Ray/DVD/Cable channels broadcast rights, etc.)

You want to see a true flop by comparison? I give you:

R.I.P.D. (Worldwide total: $19,563,000) (link)

And in comparison: Pacific Rim's worldwide opening weekend total worldwide was $90 million or so.)

Yep, it's not a big hit, but it's hardly a major flop; and in the end, all the studios care about is money made -- where it comes from doesn't matter.
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