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Re: TOS: Doctor's Orders by Diane Duane Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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As for Spock not taking shots at McCoy when he has the opportunity, well obviously everyone has their own take on matters but to me such behavior would have been horribly out of character for Spock.
While perhaps I can't see Spock getting on McCoy's case in a nasty way, I can see him questioning some of McCoy's decisions, especially if he felt they were too emotional.

And while I understand the set up was that Spock knew McCoy probably didn't want to be in this situation and hence wouldn't come down hard on the Doctor, I still will stick to what I say that this was a missed opportunity to explore Spock/McCoy more in depth here. As Spock VS McCoy is one of the great things about Trek for me.

First of all (to me at least) he and McCoy actually respect each other, even like each other, but they are both stubborn and argumentative in their own way and take great delight in using the other to sharpen their wits on.
I completely agree I don't doubt for one second that Spock and McCoy not only respected each other but cared deeply about each other as well. In fact one of these days I plan to make a post exploring their relationship but that's for another discussion.

But of course this doesn't mean they didn't have their philosophical differences. Again these differences is what makes their relationship fascinating for me and I think this book could have used that.

As for the book not giving an insight into McCoy I disagree. He spents quite a bit of time ruminating on the times that he's blithely given Kirk advice, not really realizing how often his advice might be at odds with the realities of command that Kirk was dealing with.
Sure and those moments were definitely good, but that wasn't exactly what I was talking about. I meant more that the book didn't explore how McCoy's "emotional side" could both be a hindrance and help to his command. I wanted to see more of that from the book. How is McCoy's command different from Kirk and Spock because he is McCoy?

There was a lot of great humor in the book but I think it did lack a bit in other areas and wasn't as interesting a character study as it could have been.

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