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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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The Emperor" in RoTJ, for instance.
It helps that he exploded.
We didn't see the Emperor explode. The emperor receded so far into the distance that he nearly disappeared. He became too small for us to see what he was doing. In that instant, we saw energy rise out of the pit. Someone who wants to say "unless we see a body, he's not dead," could easily say that was Palpatine performing some sort of really powerful force-lightning trick to slow his descent and escape.

But nobody ever says that. Because it's understood that when a villain plummets down a "bottomless pit," he's dead.

Heroes face a different fate when they fall down the pit: they always either survive or are transformed into some sort of powerful spirit (Captain Sisko, Captain Sheridan, Gandalf, Luke Skywalker... Jesus...)
But, they DID bring the Emperor back in the EU. Even Darth Maul, who was CUT IN TWO before falling into "bottomless pit" was brought back in The Clone Wars.
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