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Re: TOS movie era novels?

I use memory beta's timeline (just ignore the non-novel things). I've included the link for 2273 (when the Motion Picture was set).

I've not read them yet but on my to read list I've got the following books set inbetween the Motion Picture and Undiscovered Country. Someone else will have to comment if they're any good though.

Ex Machina
DTI: Forgotton History
Ice Trap
Death Count
Shell Game
The Wounded Sky
Doctor's Orders
Spock's World
Rihansu books
Rules of Engagement
Deep Domain
New Earth books
The Pandora Principle
Dwellers in the Crucible
Strangers from the SKy
Time for Yesterday
Unspoken Truth
To Reign in Hell
In the Name of Honor
Excelsior: Forged in Fire (which I have read - really good Sulu story linking to DS9's Blood Oath)
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