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Re: Venture Brothers

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Merciful Mogg, Dr. Girlfriend sure looked fine in her "mock" imperial Chinese robes! (Not that she ever looked bad in anything she sported.) And, yes, I realized The Monarch's was almost detail for detail, Ming's ensemble from the 1980 version of Flash Gordon, certainly the collar section, anyway.


Dr. Girlfriends outfit was Padme's outfit from The Phantom Menace.

Overall I was a bit underwhelmed by this finale and the season as a whole. Maybe I need to watch it all again on the tail end of a series re-watch. I didn't care for 21 going back to the Monarch though. At times he was a cool bad ass who could fly other times he was a cool bad ass who couldn't function efficiently without being part of a larger group (see his screw up with the OSI undercover operation)

I suppose it fits in with the overall theme of "failure"....

I did like the scene at the end with Hank and Dean, it was actually touching.

Finally got a good look at the photo of the Monarch as a child. It looks innocent enough....or it could be showing Jonas trying to "steal" Monarch's mom while Rusty is "stealing" Monarch's toy truck. In essence capturing the basic nature of the Ventures.

The scene where Rusty and The Monarch bemoan the current state of their lives was enjoyable. It almost seems like The Monarch's run out of steam, but is expected to hate on Rusty and so continues out of habit.

IIRC, the show was guaranteed a season five, six and a movie length episode. If season six is the last one, it'll have a reduced episode count while trying to wrap it all up. I hope they can pull it off as well as they did the season 4 finale which I believe was intended to serve as a series finale in the event the show didn't get picked up again, and it does work in that regard.

Also, I hope we don't have to wait for another two or three years for season 6.
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