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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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Pacific Rim on the other hand never intended to be amusing (...)
Really? I for one am pretty sure that they absolutely intended for it to be amusing (among other things). I mean, it's clearly not a spoof/parody, but it's also not at all meant to be a serious, realistic movie (and I can't see anything wrong with that).

As for the nitpicks/plot holes: In my opinion, not all logic errors are created equal. Almost any sci-fi/fantasy movie will have some things that don't stand up to logical scrutiny and real-world science. But the only plot holes that really matter (to me, anyway) are the ones that affect the dramatic function of the story, creating incoherent character motivations and the like. Anything else can easily be ignored if the movie's suspension of disbelief works. And in Pacific Rim, it absolutely did (for me), while many other recent blockbusters (namely STiD, MoS) failed at this.

Film Crit Hulk wrote an interesting article about this:
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