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Re: Turning 50 on the 22d...

I'm really not too worried about getting older, as some might think. We recently visited friends we haven't seen in years and they said I looked pretty much the same as ever. I am on meds I never was at 40, but that's about it.

Grape, I agree. I/we try to set an example, and when people ask how they can repay, we tell them to pay it forward. People did for us when we needed it and wouldn't take anything for their help, so....

Well, I woke up to birthday text messages, these posts, and a nice "Happy Birthday" from Hubby. And he said that being with me was the best part of his life. Best present I could get!

Dinner last night was just fine! Delicious prime rib, and when the chocolate lava cake was brought out for us to share, Hubby sang me Happy Birthday. Well, he tried to sing it. He said that he did not know the words. I think he was serious because I had to coach him. He practically NEVER sings, so I can believe that he never paid attention to the lyrics--but they're really not that hard, right? But he was very sweet and that's what really matters.

So thanks to all!

Funny coincidence: If the royal baby is born today, we will share the birthday. Hubby's birthday is the same as Prince William's!
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