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Re: Is DC going to be relegated as a comicbook company?

I still believe the comic industry is dying, especially from the big two and especially from DC this industry is dying. Comics used to sell in numbers like 320,500 easily breaking 300 K. If a book does this today its major, major news. Some the 40s, 50s and 60s DC comics would sell number in the 7 million each month. In the 80s sales drop and 1990s drop but the books still sell high, like Byrne's, McFarlane's, Busieks, the Jim Lee's the Waids they were all very big books,Xmen, Spider-Man, Superman they would selling in the millions. You would see figures of 2 MILLION and 8 MILLION etc. DC and Marvel might hold onto the top 5 and top10s thanks to cashcows like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Xmen....these things are big brands and fanboys and kids will be this stuff no matter how crap the writing gets.
However a lot of DC books today are being kept alive only because of sales from their big brands. The Independent comics come in and books like Walking Dead, East of West, Saga...they come sometimes in beating the big two and trash sales of Flash, Fantastic Four, some Deadpool title, some Hawkman title, Green Lantern....a lot of DC's B-list stars are being beat down by Independent companies. They are beat by Independent companies and defeated easily. Hellblazer was no where near the top ten, in the past years it ranked in at 195, the Spirit was around 284 or something, Smallville the comic does very bad and Green Lantern the animated comic can't even reach the top 300, can't even stay in the top three hundred!!
Some of you guys can complain that Image, Dynamite, IDW and other independent titles sell low but clearly there are a lot of DC comics go to those shops dead on arrival and are being kept on life support.
I see a future day when titles like Mars Attacks, Star Wars, Star Trek, Godzilla, Buffy, TombRaider or video game characters and possibly Japanese manga comic in and regularly start to challenge Marvel and DC for the top40. The DC company is spread too thin today and possibly a little over exposed. Is Marvel making DC's mistakes? sure it is but it doesn't seem to suffer from the same in-fighting and office politics. DC is bleeding writers, bleeding off writers like no tomorrow and some Nu-52 sales have been falling like a rock.
Marvel is at least keeping writers or buying in new writers and artists. If you look at their movie investments, its crazy. With a big company like Disney behind them their movie studio is now buying in the top producers, writers, actors and directors of Hollywood. You look at their movies in production and its like the who is who of top Hollywood movies and directors, and each year they have new visions and new phase planned.

The whole Batman-Superman seems rushed, Cavil was blindsided by the news and Bale is finished with the franchise. Warner Bros and DC need to stop snoozing, without Nolan and Batman they wouldn't have a comic book movie business

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