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Dorian Thompson
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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

Is no one else still watching? Oh my God, last night's episode broke my heart into pieces for obvious reasons. What a malevolent fuck the "religious" guy in the cell block was. Yowza. That was some twisted shit.

Ahhhhh, Holder and Linden. She continues to fascinate with how unbelievably guarded she is. The directorial choices made during the scene where she came by to comfort him were masterfully done. He tries to kiss her (albeit only because of his strong emotions and despair at the moment); she holds back, but she doesn't touch him when he starts to cry. Most people would feel compelled to put their arms around someone crying, to hold their hand, touch their shoulder. Women are demonstrative, but Linden holds herself back even though she cares deeply for Holder as a person. It shows how cut off she is. Just going to the apartment itself to check on him must have been an act of will. Even the she had at the beginning of the season--he was just a kid to her. Linden opens up so rarely to anyone. It's a fascinating dynamic. Love it.

Such a sad episode. I knew it had to be coming, but it was so sad anyway. Hell, maybe Seward killed his wife after all. The son just wants to get him out, maybe?

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