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Re: Godzilla 2014: Rumors, Pix and filming

Another interview with Gareth Edwards:

“We’re going to make the tallest Godzilla ever by far. We started doing bits of animation but if he was too tall – you’d see him straight away so we had to make him smaller. What we settled on he’s just taller than any other one so far. But you have to be able to hide him.” Says Edwards.
The nuclear element is staying. We know Cranston’s character works in a nuclear plant so all signs point to this being the origin story of Godzilla though nuclear power is not the central theme.

“The heart of Godzilla is the nuclear thing, the original is an analogy for Hiroshima, we haven’t done anything directly related to Hiroshima but we have addressed it, some of those issues do become part of the movie.” Says Edwards.

But in terms of its core: “Man vs nature is the reoccurring theme. If you’re going to take on nature you will lose.”
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