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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

I finally saw this movie over the weekend and gave it a B-. I'm having a hard time understanding how and why so many picky Star Trek fans who disliked, Trek XI for its numerous plot holes and Khan's, 'magic blood,' as well as disliked World War Z because of plot holes and zombies who can smell sick people - and folks who disliked Superman for various reasons absolutely love this film?

It was fair IMO albiet the effects in movie were outstanding.

Of my many nitpicks of this film:

- aliens from another dimension who have mastered genetic minipulation elect to use giant monsters to exterminate the human race as opposed to maybe well - a airbone pathagen that would kill us off among numerous other more effective ways to get rid of us? WTF

- The two nerdy scientists were so over the top IMO they were barely funny nor enjoyable. And their characters were riddled with cliches which I'm sure was the intent but it failed on many levels for me.

- Hannibal Chau - what a pointless and dumb character and without spoiling it for others the way he dies was completely predictable. Also IMO Pearlman's performance as Chau was less than stellar.

- Yea - lets build a wall to fence off land masses from creatures that can destory metal robots easily. Oh, and that also can fly. Roll Eyes

- Lets use the Fujita scale that measures tornadoes and translate that into monster sizes and strength. Roll Eyes

- We use high tech holograms to monitor the Yeagers but use a wall clock to announce when they might be coming back using old style numerical flip cards. Roll eyes

- This is a general nitpick for films that should stay 2-d but were made in 3-d and the film makers needs to go to James Cameron school on how to make it an incredible use of the technology. Why do other film makers have such a hard time like in Pacific Rim in making high quality 3-d pictures. All of the scenes in Pacific Rim where 3-d could have made this film even more visually amazing were missed.

I'll think of more - but this film as someone said above is not for everyone. For me it can be boiled down to the Transformers meet Godzilla. I see why its performing so badly.

edited to add:

- A premise in the film is that human beings have 'terra formed the planet' because of global warming into a hotter climate more fit for the aliens. In the flim they state the aliens came once before but the enviornment wasn't right.

A 5 second google search yielded the fact that the earth was considerably hotter when the dinosaurs lived.

Earth was hotter when the dinosaurs were around

So that whole premise falls apart as well.

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