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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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In MoS, Superman kills Zod and then cries out in devastation over what he had to do. Christopher Reeves' Superman gleefully - and unnecessarily - killed a defenseless Zod at the end of Superman II. Did that bother you?
Superman threw Zod against a wall, and he fell. We don't know if Zod was actually killed or not.
Seriously. Ever since MOS came out I keep hearing this line that Superman killed Zod in Superman II and still shocks me every time it comes up. I never, EVER thought or believed for a single second that Supes left them to die and rot at the bottom of that pit any more than I thought he left Luthor there to freeze. And we know that that wasn't the film makers intent because they filmed a scene with Zod and Co. being taken into custody that was only cut for time and pacing reasons.
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